Understanding yourself so you can understand others

Building Better Connections

Understanding our own personality preferences is just the start of knowing how to adapt when the other preferences are required. By teaching you a framework for self awareness, that is proven, reliable and peer reviewed, you can become more alert to the needs of others and more able to meet those needs.

Psychology is complex but it can be made simple, valuable and enjoyable. 

For Business

Promotes good communication and team spirit in the workplace. In all industries and work environments some self-awareness of how one’s own personality effects those around us is invaluable.

“Do NOT do unto others as you would have done unto you, they may have different tastes.”

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For Parents

Promotes understanding within the home and encourage a healthy appraisal of your ‘family dynamics’ which, if acted upon, can dramatically improve the atmosphere in your home.

“Your children do not need a makeover, they just need to be understood.”

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For Schools

Promotes understanding of personality type in the classroom and explains why effective learning is dependent on the teacher’s knowledge of the personalities of the children they teach.

“If you can reach them you can teach them.”

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